My name is Dennis

And I create apps

Web Development

CSS3, HTML5, JavaScript, TypeScript, React

Software Development

Java SE, Java EE, JavaFX, JavaScript/TypeScript, Python, SQL

Server Administration

Debian-/RHEL-based distros, VMware ESXi, Windows Server

Photo of me

I have always been interested in problem-solving and puzzles. When I found the world of coding and programming during the last years of primary school (wiki: primary schools in Sweden), I knew what I wanted to do. Since then my interest and knowledge about technology and programming has just increased, and still continues to do so.

Since then I have stumbled upon various areas of work, such as software development (Java SE/EE, Python, PostgreSQL), web development (JavaScript, TypeScript and React) and system administration/integration (Debian-/RHEL-based), each of which having multiple years of work experience. I have been working inside both Windows and Linux-based environments and managed virtual machines on VMware's ESXi Hypervisor.

Currently I am employed by Combitech, a technical consulting company, as a software developer since August 2015. Here I have been working with all areas mentioned above.

My projects

Check my GitHub for all my projects and open-source contributions.


Easily keep track of how much time you are working in different projects. Log your work and WorkLog automatically calculates how much work have been made per project per day in a simple UI.


This is a rewrite of my original application WorkLog, rewritten into an Electron-based desktop application instead of a JavaFX-based one. The purpose of the application is to easily track time between different projects.