My name is Dennis

And I create apps

Web Development

Software Development

System Administration
I have always been interested in problem-solving and puzzles. When I found the world of coding and programming during the last years of primary school (wiki: primary schools in Sweden), I knew what I wanted to do. Since then my interest and knowledge about technology and programming has just increased, and is still increasing.
As of today, I have collected a lot of knowledge about web development, software development and system administration from self-learning, education and work experience.
And today, I am working as a software developer at the technical consulting company Combitech, which is part of the defence and security group Saab.

Some things I have made


Easily keep track of how much time you are working in different projects. Log your work and WorkLog automatically calculates how much work have been made per project per day in a simple UI.


Here you can find some information about my homelab project.